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What Is Nowhere City?

Your confusion about the nature of Nowhere City is understandable. We are a unique community, one without distinct borders, and cater to an eclectic range of tastes. Below we answer many of the questions we are most often asked. If your question is not answered, please feel free to contact us.

Is Nowhere City a real place?

Only in the virtual sense.

Who lives there?

We consider all of our contributors residents.

What can I find in Nowhere City?

Nowhere city is a repository for essays and comentary on a variety of subjects. We are interested in the arts, in science, in philosophy, and in the views of individuals. What we are not interested in is the commonplace, the often seen, and writing which has no particular voice. Nowhere City may house a commentary on fine literature or a rant about a popular film, but in either case, the writing will have caught our eye and earned our attention.

Can I submit some of my work for publication on Nowhere City?

Certainly. See the Submit to Nowhere City page for details.