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If you are an author and are interested in finding a home for your work in Nowhere City, then the below information is for you! All we ask is that you read it in its entirety before sending us anything. We thank you.

What kind of writing does Nowhere City publish?

We publish an eclectic mix of nonfiction. In general, we publish writing about...

Item Books, but not book reviews
Item The craft of writing
Item The arts, including fine art, illustration, performing arts, television, film, radio, and more
Item Artist profiles
Item Travel, particularly travelogues and descriptions of tourist locations or the experience of working at same
Item Atypical interviews and oral histories
Item Hoaxes and satire, but only if they make a larger point
Item Humor
Item Philosophy, ethics, and religion, but only if they are particularly readable and not insulting to the reader
Item The sciences, including the history of ideas and revelations about scientific topics

We do not, however, publish...

Item Fiction
Item Dry writing which is free from personality

What are Nowhere City's length requirements?

Articles may be of any length, although we have a tendency to resist anything above 5,000 words.

How do I submit an article to Nowhere City?

Before you may send us a story, you must submit a proposal and have it accepted. Proposals must be less than 200 words in length, and must include a description of the proposed article, its intended word count to the nearest 1,000 words, and an indication of whether or not is has been published before. Proposals should be sent in the body of an e-mail to If your article will include artwork -- as it should if it is an artist profile or artist self-profile -- you must indicate what kind of artwork and how much of it there will be, what electronic form it is available in, and what usage rights to it you own.

You will receive a response and further instructions within ten business days if your proposal is accepted.

How much does Nowhere City pay for articles?

At this time, the Nowhere City building fund is at a rather low level. We pay only $10 for an article, and we only pay through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to open one, then you are welcome to donate your article to our cause.

In addition to this small payment, authors brief biographies will appear at the end of their articles. These biographies may include a link to the author's Website or e-mail.

Does Nowhere City buy reprints?

Yes. Payment is identical to payment for new articles.

Articles which have appeared in print or secure online publications may be reproduced here in password-protected Adobe Acrobat format if there is concern about their being easily reproduced. All we ask is that documents not be protected against printing.

Where should one write if one has more questions?

Questions should be sent to Only sincere inquiries will receive a reply. We apologize if this sounds rather rude, but we do enjoy our privacy.